Meet the Team

The Writers and Editors of B-Button Media

Joe Molohon

Joe plays games of all genres, but Dungeons and Dragons is probably his favorite. But he hasn’t found it in a good videogame form yet, so he mostly plays Mario and Hearthstone. Joe manages B-Button Media and writes articles of all sorts.


Devin Cazin

Alongside Joe, Devin is one of the original founders of B-Button. He’s a fan of all things Nintendo and the best darn D.VA main ever to drop sick self-destructs in Overwatch. Devin serves as the team’s editor-in-chief and resident social media expert.


Thomas Cypress

Tom is a longtime Fire Emblem fan and Super Smash Bros. champ. Not of any high-profile tournaments; he’s just really good. He enjoys fighting games, but Zelda is his favorite series. Tom is a writer for B-Button Media.

Mitch S. King

Mitch is an artist and a fan of indie games. Most of his writing is focused on the indie scene, which is a group he’s passionate about. He also loves Pokemon. Mitch is a writer for B-Button and he is responsible for much of our design work.

Daniel Hein

Dan likes to dig into the deeper substance of videogames. Theories, game design, genre studies—this is what interests him. In addition to his features, Dan writes reviews for the team.

Daniel Volovets

Daniel is a musician and studies psychology at the University of Minnesota. He enjoys Metroid and Zelda primarily. Daniel contributes articles to B-Button from time-to-time.

Adam Bezecny

Adam is a novelist and horror movie enthusiast. He has a site where he writes reviews for old, weird and bad horror movies. In addition, he is the founder of Odd Tales of Wonder Magazine. Adam contributes articles to the site.

Vincent Kancans

Vincent is a graduate fellow at the University of Minnesota with an interest in multimedia, especially music. He grew up playing strategy games like Civilization and Stronghold. He mostly edits for the site.