About B-Button


Nope. We didn’t stutter.

B-Button Media is primarily a gaming culture and news website. We feature news, features, and reviews on all the latest games and events. But it isn’t all games – we also publish articles about movies, TV, and anime. If it’s relevant and it has anything to do with technology and entertainment, you’ll find it here.

Our name comes from our origins as gamers and writers. The ‘B’ button on controllers holds a special place in the lives of our founders: we were originally brought together by Super Smash Bros., a game where this button is the means of using all the cool special moves. We think the ‘B’ button is universal across gaming, where it is often integral to video game interactions.

Here at B-Button Media, we hope to capture some of the dynamic power of our namesake.

Browsing the site, we think you’ll find something that catches your interest. As a team of journalists, we only write about what we love. And what we love is the reason we write, to keep our readers informed and entertained.

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