New Co-Op River Survival Mode Revealed for Super Mario Party

Leading up to the launch of Super Mario Party on October 5, Nintendo has revealed details and footage about a new co-op mode centered around motion controls and mini-games, titled “River Survival”.

Information on the new and chaotic mode came earlier this afternoon out of Gamescom and was published to Nintendo’s official social media accounts. While the post itself goes a little into detail, the corresponding video on Nintendo’s YouTube channel shows members of the Treehouse staff playing the mode to its completion.

Strictly four-player from the sound of it, users will need to cooperate in River Survival to make it to the end goal within an allotted time limit. Using the motion controls of the single joycon, players will move as though they are towing a boat downstream, with each person influencing the direction of the raft. Steering clear of rocks and popping balloons looks to be the key to victory, as each balloon will start a cooperative mini-game. Performance in each mini-game will earn a letter ranking, with higher rankings netting the players more time to go into the overall time bank for going down the river.

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