Blizzard Reveals New Overwatch D.VA Cinematic, Map, and Skin

Fulfilling many fans’ guesses and requests, Blizzard has revealed a slew of new material for Overwatch all centering around the popular character D.VA, including a cinematic short, in-game map, and upcoming skin.

As Blizzard had teased just a few days ago, a new animated short cinematic was revealed early this morning to celebrate both Gamescom as well as an official Overwatch fan festival being held in South Korea. Titled “Shooting Star”, the roughly eight minute video fittingly enough gives the spotlight to in-game Korean hero and icon D.VA. Serving as an origin story for the fan favorite, the footage demonstrates the double life that the character lives, being the star studded idol D.VA on the battlefield and in the news, but also the passionate and down-to-earth Hana Song to those closest to her.

As it turns out, the setting of the cinematic was no meaningless decision either. Shortly after the short was published, it was revealed that Busan, South Korea — the home of D.VA and the MEKA squad — will be added to the standard Overwatch map rotation as a control map. Currently up for testing on the PTR, the map features many of the locations seen in the cinematic, with Easter eggs to both D.VA and South Korean culture in general scattered throughout.

In one more bit of fanservice, a new D.VA skin was previewed at the end of the cinematic that is expected to hit the live servers of Overwatch sometime soon. From the appearance, the skin looks to emulate the promotional image of D.VA on the cans of Nano Cola throughout the cinematic.

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