First Extended Gameplay Footage of King K. Rool, Dark Samus, Chrom in Smash Ultimate

Seemingly to coincide with and commemorate the start of Gamescom this week, Nintendo has released two new videos for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, showing off the first extended look at gameplay of King K. Rool, Dark Samus, and Chrom outside of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct earlier this month.

Both gameplay videos were posted to the Japanese Super Smash Bros. Twitter account earlier this morning, then later circulated among some of the other regional official Nintendo accounts. The first of these offers a greater look at King. K. Rool as he squares off against Snake on the Kongo Jungle stage. This match features yet another listen to the recently revealed Gangplank Galleon music track as it plays in the background. Much to the pleasure of longtime Donkey Kong fans, even more of King K. Rool’s moveset is shown off, as well as his overall ground and aerial movement speed.

As for the second demonstration, “Team Metroid” is shown taking on “Team Fire Emblem” as Dark Samus and Ridley are matched up against Chrom and Lucina. While things are a bit more chaotic due to the team battle nature of the match, this also gives fans another look at the Stage Morph feature revealed in the previous Direct. The stage that the two teams are fighting on up until about a minute into the game is Arena Ferox from Fire Emblem, but then seamlessly transitions into Brinstar from Metroid.

So far, the only characters that fans have not seen extended gameplay of quite yet are Simon and Richter Belmont. It is unknown at this time if anything else Super Smash Bros. Ultimate related might be happening during Gamescom this week.

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