Devil May Cry 5 Set to Launch on March 8, New Trailer Posted

Only a couple months out from initial reveal, Capcom has decided to rev up the engines once more on Devil May Cry 5, revealing a new gameplay and cinematic trailer as well as a planned release date.

This new information comes courtesy of Capcom’s presence at this week’s Gamescom 2018 conference. With fans clamoring for more news on possibly the biggest surprise of this year’s E3 showing, Capcom has not disappointed. Aside from a new developer blog post and the March 8 release date, a new mix of gameplay and story cinematics have been published. This footage features Nero, Nico, a whole slew of new demons, and the familiar face of Dante to wrap things all up.

While the gameplay of Nero continues on the sword techniques that were shown off in the initial reveal trailer, Capcom has gone into more detail about his Devil Breaker arms that dictate his different abilities and movesets. Supplied by Nico, each Devil Breaker offers different attacks that may change based on Nero’s positioning on the battlefield. These arms can break or even be sacrificed in order to perform an “ultimate move”, which may be referring to the sections where Nero is seen riding his arm like a hoverboard.

Taking the chaos one step further, the first combat footage of Dante as a playable character in Devil May Cry 5 is shown off at the end of the trailer. As Capcom themselves even admit, Dante’s newest addition  to his weapon arsenal seems to be the motorcycle he rides itself. In addition to driving through enemies, he can be seen breaking the bike in two to act as what appear to be dual saw blades. Both Dante and Nero will join one other character that has yet to be revealed as playable characters throughout the main campaign of the game.

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