Next Installment of the Bravely Series Heavily Teased

After a celebratory message and accompanying artwork were posted last week to commemorate Octopath Traveler reaching one million units sold, the official Bravely series twitter has posted a heavy tease towards what fans believe could be a potential “Bravely Third”.

The tease came in both image and text form early this morning on the official Bravely series twitter, quickly sending fans into speculation. After the artwork posted for Octopath Traveler last week struck many as being oddly similar to the likeness of Airy from the Bravely series, the connection was confirmed today alongside the translated message: “Look forward to the next Square Enid 11 BD game”. In addition, the account changed its name to “Bravely ◯◯◯◯◯” and profile picture to the following image:

While development on a third installment of the popular jrpg Bravely series is not too shocking, the tease is an indicator that the game may be further along than expected and that an official announcement may be near. Given that each previous main game has been featured exclusively on Nintendo 3DS, it will be interesting to see if the series continues on the handheld console or makes the jump over to the Nintendo Switch.

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