G and Sagat Coming to Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Later Today

Before the “main event” of last night’s EVO Sunday Grand Finals, developer Capcom revealed that both of the characters left to join Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition in Season 3 — G and Sagat — are releasing later today.

While reveal trailers for both G and Sagat didn’t necessarily come as surprises for anyone watching last night’s Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Top 8 Finals, the announcement that they would be available so soon definitely crossed a lot of fans up. Currently, the Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition servers are undergoing maintenance until 5 PM PST, which is when both characters will be available for purchase and download, presumably.

While Sagat features his iconic moveset from a long history of previous Street Fighter installments, G is an entirely new character to the universe. Acting as “President of the World”, the character features a brawler type moveset paired with a very unique political theming. Interestingly enough, G’s story costume also features a mask oddly similar in likeness to classic Street Fighter character Q, who has been absent from Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition so far.

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