New Persona Q2 Information to Release Tomorrow

Although there has been nothing but radio silence over the anticipated release of Persona Q2 on the Nintendo 3DS for the past year, developer Atlus has confirmed that some new details on the RPG will come tomorrow.

The tease came earlier today from the official Atlus Twitter account out of Japan. The commercial is slated to air, fittingly enough, during the Japanese broadcast of this week’s Persona 5: The Animation episode. It unknown at this time what form the commercial will come in, but Atlus has confirmed that new information will be given about the game, at the least.

The development and information cycle surrounding Persona Q2 has been one of the strangest for the Nintendo 3DS to date. No official screens have been given with very little details, but development has still remained on schedule since initial reveal. Briefly, there was even some speculation on if the game would be ported to the Nintendo Switch as well, but no further fuel has been given to that rumor.

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