Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Version 1.5.1 Coming This Week, Adds New Rare Blade and Quests

Working their way towards the release of Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna ~ The Golden Country in September, Nintendo has unveiled the final update that will be coming to the base game later this week prior to the expansion.

The details on the update were released last night alongside of a couple tweets from the official Japanese Xenoblade Chronicles Twitter account previewing the latest rate blade to come to the game, named Hibana. In addition to this new character, five new quests will be added to Xenoblade Chronicles 2 for those who have purchased the Expansion Pass — alongside some other goodies. Full info can be found below:

-Final quest pack includes 5 new quests, 3 of them involve a number of Rare Blades, the last one involves KOS-MOS and Shiki (Adenine)

– New Rare Blade quest for Hibana, designed by Atto

– New items to exchange for in the Challenge Arena, costumes as well as items to increase Tora’s Idea

– Extreme and Custom difficulties added

– New Setting option will change the Unique Monster BGM to “You Will Know Our Names” (from Xenoblade Chronicles 1) when Shulk and Fiora are in your party

It is unknown at this point whether or not Hibana will be obtainable through completion of a specific quest, or if players will have to obtain her the traditional way by resonating with Core Crystals.

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