Wrecking Ball Now Playable on Live Overwatch Servers

After a few weeks of testing on the PTR since reveal, Wrecking Ball — A.K.A., “Hammond” — is now bulldozing his way onto the Overwatch live servers starting today.

While the hamster’s release date was made known just over a week ago, the official PlayOverwatch social media accounts put out a commemorative trailer today marking the introduction of the new Tank-class hero into the game. As with any additional character, an update is now necessary to download prior to starting up Overwatch.

With the Inaugural Overwatch League Grand Finals occurring this upcoming Friday and Saturday in New York, it has already been confirmed that Wrecking Ball will not be part of the game build used during the long awaited finale. In addition, it will be a bit longer until Wrecking Ball is available to use in competitive play online for all players, as per usual with previous new heroes.

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