Nostalgia Fueled Infomercial Celebrates Launch of Sonic Mania Plus

On the eve of the launch of Sonic Mania Plus on all major platforms, SEGA has put out a nostalgia driven commercial ripped straight out of the 90’s — this time comparing the popular platformer with typical first person shooter titles of this era.

The playful yet pointed live action infomercial was published earlier this morning on the Sonic the Hedgehog social media channels. With Sonic Mania Plus — the expanded and physical version of last year’s Sonic Mania — launching tomorrow, SEGA has taken it reminding fans of what they can look forward to in the package and what it offers over other higher priced games today.

Specifically, SEGA takes some shots at the current climate of massively popular multiplayer shooters, citing content being locked behind a paywall even after paying full price for a “full game”. In addition, microtransactions come under fire once again, as Sonic Mania Plus is touted as having a full physical package with all content available immediately upon launch. This content includes playable characters Mighty and Ray, a new Encore Mode, and even a surprise new special stage format.

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