DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Scheduled for August 10

After a tantalizing tease at E3, Bethesda has announced that they are nearly ready to show live gameplay of DOOM Eternal, and will do so during an official stream during Quakecon next month.

While the initial reveal of the sequel to the massively popular current generation shooter DOOM cane as quite the surprise last month, it left many fans begging for more footage, info, and the like. Not much has been said since Bethesda’s conference during E3 until now.

At first, it was not made entirely clear whether or not DOOM Eternal could be considered a true sequel or not, given such a quick turnaround from DOOM, which launched only a couple years ago. However, it has been confirmed that DOOM Eternal will feature everything that fans could wish for from a sequel, including new weapons, demons, and a fresh campaign.

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