Squid vs. Octopus Splatfest Set for First Anniversary of Splatoon 2

Splatoon 2 is set to celebrate its first anniversary in grand style, as a very timely Squid vs. Octopus Global Splatfest will be occurring on the weekend of July 20.

The special occasion was announced yesterday in a series of informative tweets put out by the official Nintendo Versus Twitter account. The first of these reveals are that players will be able to choose their side starting July 6 all the way up until the event starts on July 20.

Secondly, users will assume the role of whichever team they choose, as Team Squid will be composed of Inkling players and Team Octopus made up of Octolings. This even includes those who have not purchased and completed the Octo Expansion DLC, which awards playable Octolings at the end of the extra content.

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