Ichigo, Rukia, Aizen Confirmed as Playable in Jump Forces

Only a few weeks out from reveal, Bandai Namco has confirmed that characters from the hit manga/anime series Bleach will be joining the playable roster of characters in Jump Force.

The news was shared over the weekend out of Japan by Bandai Namco, first in Shonen Jump and later with screenshots being posted online. The trio of characters includes series protagonist Ichigo Kurosaki, his partner Rukia Kuchiki, and longtime series villain Sosuke Aizen. They join a roster already composed of fan-favorite characters from Naruto, One Piece, and Dragon Ball. Death Note’s Light and Ryuk also make an appearance, but are not playable.

In addition to the news on characters, a new arena was revealed for the brawler that takes the appearance of Hong Kong. However, the real world has collided with the world of One Piece, as the presence Blackbeard’s ship has made an impact on the familiar area.

At the moment, the only release window known for Jump Force is sometime next year, coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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