Totally Accurate Battlegrounds Parodies The Battle Royale Genre

Originally released by developer Landfall Games on June 5th, Totally Accurate Battlegrounds has amassed a substantial following among fans of other battle royale games like Fortnite and PUBG, yet offers a special new twist to the familiar gameplay.

Landfall describes the game as an April Fools’ joke, a yearly trend for the developer. Fitting this theme, the game acts as a parody of the battle royale genre: the player takes the role of a flailing rag doll, armed and dangerous, ready to face a horde of other rag dolls. As one could expect, janky and hilarious physics are the focus in this environment, leading to some truly comical moments.

The game begins from a moving launch point that catapults users wherever they want to go – as long as the aim is flawless. Players scramble to find weapons early on, regrouping with their teammates as quickly as possible. The enormous map makes this more difficult, and it’s only getting bigger with recent updates. When the ring shrinks, survivors inevitably fight over the remaining cars and motorcycles. Players should avoid pressing their “G” key if possible, as it forces the character to start beatboxing and blows any cover they may have had. Only a lucky few will make it to the final seconds of the battle.

After returning to the title screen, players can customize their character’s outfit with a tracksuit, a sombrero, a wizard’s hat or anything else that may match their style – and if it’s any question, the weapons are just as ridiculous.

The new game is not without some growing pains, however. Along with an epidemic of cheating, there are a number of bugs within Totally Accurate Battlegrounds. Certain items can’t be picked up, and it’s possible to get stuck in inescapable traps for the entire round.

The most recent patches clean up a few of these bugs and make the rings somewhat more merciful. Also, vehicles no longer trap players inside. In the future, new patches will put an end to the cheating problem. With over three million downloads on Steam, Totally Accurate Battlegrounds will continue to flourish as the developers refine it.

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