Overwatch’s Next Hero is a Hamster?

UPDATE: Hammond (A.K.A., “Wrecking Ball”) has been confirmed as Overwatch’s 28th hero. A short synopsis trailer has been posted, with a blog update to the Overwatch website detailing his abilities. Wrecking Ball is now available for testing on the PTR as well.

For those that have been attempting to guess who the next Overwatch hero might be, many may have gotten the name correct but not the species, as the shooter’s next character appears to be a mechanized hamster.

The short teaser was posted earlier this morning on the official Overwatch social media accounts. This follows a week of teases that first gave a glimpse of what looked to be a back alley area littered with graffiti, followed by footage of a boulder rolling through the setting, and finalized by today’s footage of none other than a hamster manning that mechanized ball. Although not an explicit confirmation, this seems to be the initial reveal with more details to come later on in a full blow out.

The most trending belief surrounding the character is that this is indeed the same Hammond that has been discussed in Overwatch lore connected to Horizon Lunar Colony. However, contrary to popular estimation that Hammond would be another gorilla akin to Winston, all signs seem to point towards the hamster being Hammond instead.

More details should be shared soon, and this post will be updated when an official reveal trailer is published.

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