Latest Overwatch Patch Introduces Symmetra Rework, Looking for Group, and Endorsements

One of the most content filled patches in Overwatch’s history is available to download now on the live client of the game, introducing a slew of changes for both characters and player experience.

The update for Overwatch Version 1.25 went live earlier this afternoon, along with the typical notes associated with each patch. Unlike previous installments, however, an overview video was released to show off the new features: Looking for Group, Endorsements, and the expansive rework for Symmetra.

Many players of Overwatch’s competitive play mode are hoping that the first two of these changes are the developers’ solution to “toxic” experience that has plagued ranked since its introduction. With Looking for Group, users will be able to play the way that they want, queuing up for a specific role that they wish to take up and join into a party of people looking for them to fill that gap. If players cooperate well on both teams in a match, after-game endorsements may be given to both teammates and opponents. If enough of these are gained, then added perks of loot boxes may be granted.

Finally, the changes to the support hero Symmetra that have been tested on the PTR for the last few week are also being implemented into the live server.

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