Super Mario Party Rolls Onto Switch This October, Returns to Traditional Mario Party

Ditching the numbers, Nintendo has unveiled Super Mario Party for the Nintendo Switch — the 11th installment of the massively popular party game series set to land on the system on October 5.

The sudden reveal of the multiplayer game came during yesterday’s Nintendo Direct at this year’s E3. A short trailer was shown that highlights a group utilizing the game in a mixture of both old and new ways. In this way, the long-running party game franchise may be receiving a type of reboot or at least return to form.

During Nintendo’s second day of Treehouse Live at E3, this was driven home even more in the midst of a long gameplay demonstration. Traditional board gameplay akin to the first few Mario Party installments looks to be returning alongside a slew of new mini games and character specific movement traits. However, outside of normal gameplay, there is a new mode specifically for tabletop mode with the Nintendo Switch that will players trying to complete images on two or more systems.

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