Yoshimitsu Confirmed for Soul Calibur VI

Thanks to yet another trailer leak, it is confirmed that the classic mechanical ninja Yoshimitsu will be making his return to Soul Calibur VI in his typical quirky fashion.

The gameplay trailer and first footage of the character was leaked earlier this morning and quickly circulated around YouTube and Twitter for fans to see. The fan favorite crossover character from Tekken looks to bring back much of what makes him the infamous fighting game character that he is.

Featuring high speed spins and slashes, Yoshimitsu once again utilized quick strikes to tear down the opponent. This is also the first chance fans get to see his new super move, which has him literally tearing the soul out of his opponent and slicing it in half. This brutal punishment is a stark contrast to Yoshimitsu’s somewhat bubbly and carefree nature.

Soul Calibur VI is still expected to launch on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One sometime in 2018, with more information coming at E3 next month.

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