Rumor: Pokémon Switch Titles, First Details Supposedly Leaked

It appears that the Pokémon on Nintendo Switch rumor whirlwind has reached a new climax today, as the games’ titles and initial details may have been leaked online — with hints of support from some credible sources.

While everything outside of official confirmation should be taken with a grain of salt, supporting details for a leak posted to 4chan last month appeared online from a user named Real Leaks. This supporting evidence is a logo for what is called “Pokémon Let’s Go! Pikachu and Eevee Editions”. While this person’s original posting did not pick up steam at the time, these new images have put the spotlight on the details that they might have leaked.

The first round of information goes as follows, in the words of the original poster himself:

Although this may still seem farfetched, especially given the dramatic shift in title and catching explanation, some credible sources have come forth hinting at support of the information. Although not directly addressing these rumors, trusted industry insider Emily Rogers discussed separately today on her blog about what to potentially expect from Pokémon on the Nintendo Switch. In this post, she cites Pokémon GO as possibly being a huge influencer given it’s massive success in the mobile landscape, as well as hinting that fans may be skeptical of the naming conventions for versions this time around. Finally, she has expressed that the next installment of the Pokémon series should be officially revealed by the end of the month.

A May reveal would be fitting for The Pokémon Company, as they have historically not had much of a large presence at E3, which begins in mid-June.

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