Footage of Datamined Super Mario Odyssey Content Surfaces Online

In the next step of a long line of Super Mario Odyssey datamine leaks, some hard working sleuths have managed to make costumes hidden in the game’s code usable — and the footage has been posted online.

While the only evidence of these costumes previously came in the form of images stored in Odyssey’s files, youtuber Mizumi and GRAnimated have managed to manipulate data in order to get the unreleased outfits usable within the popular title. Remarkably, most of these outfits appear to be complete and could release to the game officially at any time.

Most interesting out of the bunch of costumes is none other than the 8-bit Mario outfit, which transforms Mario into his retro self from the original Super Mario Bros. This version limits the plumber’s animations, just like in the classic game, but still allows all of his usual Cappy functions.

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