Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Story DLC Details, New Blades Potentially Revealed in New Datamine

Xenoblade fans may be really feeling it for the remainder of 2018 if the contents of a new datamine of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 are to be believed, revealing important new details about upcoming story DLC and “new” blades coming to the popular JRPG.

The datamine was conducted by a credible group of dataminers that have dug into the files of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 before, and their findings were posted this morning on Resetera. Although fans have known about the latest Xenoblade installment’s Expansion Pass since the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 special Direct last year, no details have been officially shared on the story DLC set to drop later this year. New blades and quests have been added, but with no reference to the biggest piece of the expansion: the story DLC.

However, thanks to files found within the most recent update of the game, players now know a great deal about what to look forward to.

According to this data, the story of the expansion pass is set during the Aegis War and will serve as a type of prequel to the events of Xenoblade Chronicles 2. In addition, the driver-blade system will be cut out of gameplay for this story, and will instead be a little closer to what was featured in the original Xenoblade Chronicles. Players will be able control individual characters themselves, such as Addam, Mythra, Brighid, Minoth, and Lora, among others. Each will have seven blade arts, with some unable to be upgraded by traditional means of using Core Chips.

Blade data was also found for the likes of Jin, Haze, and potentially even Malos, but it is unclear at this point whether or not they are simply rewards or serve a greater purpose. Finally, it appears that both Shulk and Fiora from Xenoblade Chronicles will be added to the game as blades. While no info was shared on Fiora, it seems that Shulk will once again wield the Monado and feature his classic line, “I’m really feeling it!”.

As stated, Nintendo has yet to confirm when the story DLC will drop, but more information is expected to come during E3.

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