Splatoon News That Will “Shock The World” Coming June 9

With the Octo Expansion DLC waiting on the horizon, it is now reported that Nintendo will be sharing some Splatoon news on June 9 that will “shock the world”.

The tease was shared this morning out of Japan’s Weekly Jump magazine and initially reported on by Gematsu. No other hints or additional information is given from the article, aside from the magnitude and expected date that the news will be dropping. In fact, there’s not even confirmation that this info is pertaining to Splatoon 2 specifically, but could be about the Splatoon series as a whole.

As many have quickly pointed out, June 9 is the Saturday before E3 kicks off. Splatoon is already set to be one of Nintendo’s focuses going into the conference, with the Splatoon 2 World Championships set to take place, the Inklings coming to Super Smash Bros. for Switch, and the aforementioned Octo Expansion slated to release this Summer. This “world-shocking” news could likely pertain to any of these factors.

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