Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Confirmed for Western Switch Release

At long last, a Monster Hunter title will finally be making an appearance on the Nintendo Switch for the West in the form of Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate — a localization of Japan’s Monster Hunter XX release.

The release information was officially revealed earlier this morning by both Capcom and Nintendo of America. While there was some confusion at first over whether Generations Ultimate is a port or a new title, it has quickly been confirmed that it is indeed Monster Hunter XX brought to the West. The title will release on August 28 for the hybrid console, and will carry with it all the features from XX’s release in Japan.

As stated, a Switch version of Monster Hunter has been especially coveted by both old and new fans alike, not only since the debut of the popular system, but also with the smash success of Monster Hunter World on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. With the PC release of World still set for Autumn and a Switch port of the graphically demanding title basically out of the realm of possibility, Generations Ultimate seems to be a good middle-ground reached for Capcom to get their most popular IP out on each platform.

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