Nintendo Confirms: No Virtual Console for Switch

Following their Switch Online announcement last night, Nintendo has officially confirmed what was foreshadowed all along: Virtual Console will not be coming to the Nintendo Switch.

In an exclusive interview done with online gaming publication Kotaku, Nintendo representatives finally stated that the Virtual Console brand — as it has been known since the Wii era — will not be making an appearance on the hybrid console. This is, no doubt, in light of the fact that the company plans on having online-enabled classic titles as a large selling point of their Switch Online services launching in September.

This confirmation comes in spite of the fact that a Virtual Console was rumored for the hybrid console as early as a few months prior to the system’s official reveal. However, instead of anything resembling GameCube titles becoming available, Nintendo released the Arcade Archives line of titles, which in addition to classic Neo Geo titles on the eShop, spelt an early doom for the long-running platform.

Although the classic titles coming as part of the Switch Online paid service may be seen as a potential replacement for Virtual Console, Nintendo is not saying at this time whether or not more platforms outside of NES games might be supported. Previously, the Virtual Console supported titles all the way up into the Nintendo 64 and Nintendo DS era.

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