New Street Fighter V Character Falke Previewed in Video

Continuing with their steady reveals and releases of new roster additions for Street Fighter V Arcade Edition, Capcom has pulled the curtain back on Falke — the title’s next DLC release.

The trailer for the character — who is set to release later this month — was posted earlier this morning to the official Street Fighter Twitter account. The footage gives players their first look at her fighting style in-game, including V-Trigger maneuvers. The video then concludes with a look at her initial alternate costumes.

Judging by the gameplay, it appears that Falke will utilize a staff-type weapon in tandem with what appears to be Hadou techniques. At times, it even seems that she utilized the staff as a type of gun, shooting Hadou blasts out of it. Pair this with some quick vaulting movements and Falke is sure to be one of the roster’s more agile combatants.

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