SEGA Teasing a “Huge Announcement” for Tokyo SEGA Fes Tomorrow

In advance of their primary Japan showcase in Tokyo tomorrow — SEGA Fes 2018 — SEGA is hyping up a “huge, special announcement” to kick things off for the event.

Eventhough the event is centered in Tokyo, the teaser was circulated around the various official SEGA regional social media accounts. No other information was given aside from the significance of the announcement and that fans should expect it early tomorrow due to the time zone differences. The promotional art for the show features only Sonic the Hedgehog, although it is unknown if this is any sort of hint.

Coincidentally enough, a Persona themed stage show was also previously announced for the start of SEGA Fes as well, as Atlus is now partnered under SEGA. However, if this teased news is more from SEGA themselves, fans could expect anything from information on the new Sonic Kart Racing title or potentially something new for series like Yakuza, Jet Set Radio, or NiGHTS. Anything seems to be possible with such a vague teaser.

At this time, it is unknown if any part of the event will be live-streamed, so any news will be published through various SEGA social media accounts.

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