Siegfried Revealed for Soul Calibur VI

Fan-favorite and long running character Siegfried has officially be confirmed for a return in the upcoming Soul Calibur VI — along with his massive sword, Requiem.

The announcement and trailer were posted to the official Soul Calibur Twitter account earlier this morning. Akin to previous roster reveal trailers, this one shows off Siegfried’s familiar gameplay along with some of his cinematic elements, including his new special move. Aside from that, the character appears to have a slight redesign to fit with this new intallment in the Soul Calibur series.

In spite of his popularity, some fans had previously voiced worry that Siegfried may not come to the new title because of the time it was taking to reveal him. With the reveal of Nightmare but no Siegfried, many thought the darker counterpart may just take his place outright, but this is proven now not to be the case.

Last month, it was also revealed that Geralt of Rivia from the popular The Witcher series would be making a guest appearance on the roster of Soul Calibur VI. No release date — aside from simply “2018” — is known for the title yet.

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