Overwatch Retribution Added to Upcoming Archives Seasonal Event

After a week of hints, Blizzard has officially  revealed Overwatch Retribution — a PvE mode akin to Uprising that will be part of the upcoming seasonal even, now dubbed Overwatch Archives.

As billed over the last couple days, the announcement came directly from Lead Designer Jeff Kaplan himself during Wednesday’s first day of Stage 3 in the Overwatch League. The man of many memes came out to a Blackwatch display across the stage and revealed the new event — which will finally draw more focus on the controversial Overwatch group gone rogue. 

Plenty of details were given by both the trailer that was showcased, as well and by Kaplan himself. The footage displays a mission to Venice for Reaper, McCree, Genji, and Moira that players will step into role for. Akin to Uprising, this will be a Players Versus Environment brawl that this time will pit users up against agents of Talon in a new map called Rialto. Interestingly enough, Retribution will run concurrently with Overwatch Uprising during the Archives event from April 10th to the 30th.

A few other side details were also confirmed. Following the event, this new map will hit the PTR for testing as a regular payload type map to be added to the normal rotation of maps. In addition, Kaplan went so far as to confirm some new skins for the event a little early, showing off the new Blackwatch Moira skin, as well as hinting towards a super soldier skin for Reaper that covers his time as Soldier 24. 

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