Okami Headed to Nintendo Switch with HD Port

Restore the world to life with Okami HD

Okami HD originally released for PS4, Xbox One and PC this past December. The re-release presents the game in a format true to its original inspiration, with a beautiful update to its already-gorgeous visuals. And soon enough, Nintendo Switch owners will be able to experience it too.


The original Okami is a PlayStation 2 classic. The story sees players control the wolf goddess Amaterasu, who seeks to confront a powerful evil rampant in the world. With the help of Issun; a tiny, wandering artist; Amaterasu restores the world to its former glory.

Okami is known for its rich, Japanese folklore-inspired environment. Each of its characters is inspired by a figure from actual folklore, as seen with Susano and Orochi. Its art style is similarly inspired by history, but it may be better known for its paintbrush mechanics in-game.

With the help of Issun, Amaterasu is able to create a variety of effect with the swipe of a paintbrush. The Nintendo Switch version takes this further with its touch screen capabilities. By tracing one’s finger across the screen, one can perform special attacks and actions to reach new areas and solve obstacles. Though this feature is itself restricted to handheld mode, the motion controls of the Joy-Con will substitute in the docked and tabletop modes.

The Switch version is likely to be the most intuitive means yet of playing Okami—even while remaining true to its original experience.

Okami HD is set to release for Nintendo Switch this summer. It will be available via the Nintendo eShop. If the previous system releases are any indication, it will be priced at $19.99.

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