Luigi’s Mansion is Coming…to the 3DS.

In what has been received as a questionable move, Nintendo has confirmed that they are remaking the fan favorite Luigi’s Mansion — but for the “other” portable console.

The reveal was featured near the start of Thursday’s Nintendo Direct during the abbreviated time slot for the 3DS. The move immediately left people scratching their heads, as many hoped that such a port — or even another sequel, for that matter — would instead come to the Nintendo Switch.  However, the 3DS was seemingly chosen over the hybrid console in order to utilize the already existing assets of Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon

The remake looks to play as one would expect, with gameplay largely appearing the same. As Nintendo shares, however, the game will utilize two features exclusive to the 3DS: the touch screen for maps and menus, as well as the built-in 3D slider. Judging from the trailer, the title looks slightly improved graphically from its original GameCube form. 

At this point, the only known release window for the 3DS remake of Luigi’s Mansion is sometime later this year. 

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