Octopath Traveler: Alfyn and Tressa Revealed

Meet Tressa, Alfyn and the multi-class system

Yesterday’s Nintendo Direct was big news for probably every sort of Nintendo Switch owner. For RPG fans, new information on Octopath Traveler was revealed. We now know two more characters, as well as some details on class features.

Seen first in the new trailer is Tressa, the Merchant. Described as a “young woman with a keen eye for treasure,” Tressa dreams of adventure and seeing the world.

Like Olberic and Primrose, Tressa has her own unique path action. Hers is the “Purchase” ability. The special action lets her purchase items from almost anyone, including villagers and wandering NPCs. “Purchase” lets Tressa find and buy items one wouldn’t normally have access to.

The second character revealed is Alfyn. As an Apothecary, Alfyn’s path action is “Inquire.” Perhaps the broadest of the abilities we have seen so far, “Inquire” lets Alfyn learn information not readily available. As seen in the trailer, it provides a bio of each NPC and can result in effects such as inn discounts and the appearance of hidden treasure.

Alfyn is described as an “earnest young man,” adventuring with the goal to “heal the sick and wounded.” Like Olberic and Primrose, Alfyn and Tressa likely have some connection to the other characters of Octopath Traveler.

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Beyond new characters, the trailer also tells us a little about the jobs system. As we know already, each of the eight protagonists has a primary job; whether Dancer, Warrior, Apothecary or Merchant. What we didn’t know, however, is that each character will eventually be able to multi-class.

Equipping a secondary job doesn’t affect one’s path actions, but it does change what abilities are accessible in combat. An Olberic with a secondary job in Apothecary, for example, will be able to learn both the Apothecary and Warrior skill sets at once. It also allows for the mixing and matching of weapons and armor across jobs.

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The way this system works is through job points. These allow the player to purchase skills of both their primary and secondary jobs. It is likely that the primary job has access to more skills within the discipline, though this has not been confirmed yet. The only suggestion of this so far is that a listing of skills for a “Warrior” Primrose does not include Olberic’s Flurry skill (as seen in the demo).

Finally, Octopath Traveler confirmed a release date in this latest video. The Square Enix RPG is set to release for Nintendo Switch this summer, on July 13, 2018.

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