Super Smash Bros. Title Announced for Switch

That moment we have all been waiting for

Since the release of the Nintendo Switch, every single Nintendo Direct has had that question tied to it: “Could this be it? Could this be the day?”

Today was finally that day, as Super Smash Bros. was announced for the Nintendo Switch.

Following the big Splatoon expansion news, we were treated to a clip of two dueling ‘squid kids’. One stops as the room darkens, and turns to look into the sky with a mixture of awe and terror. The fiery Super Smash Bros. logo is reflected in her eye.

Though not explicitly confirmed, this scene is enough to indicate that an Inkling character will be featured in the Smash Switch title. Like the characters Robin and Villager, Inkling will probably have skins for different genders and color palettes.

Other than this, we do not know a lot yet. In the brief video, we do get a glimpse of the silhouettes of other characters. This appears to include the full roster from “Smash 4″; as well as a Link that looks familiar in a different sort of way.


Link’s silhouette appears as he does in Breath of the Wild. This fact alone is enough to suggest that the Super Smash Bros. for Switch could be a “Smash 5,” of sorts. However, given the release date, it may also just be a new skin for an old character in a Smash 4 port.

Super Smash Bros. for Switch is set to release this year (2018). No word on specifics yet, but more news is sure to come very soon. In fact, there will likely be a whole segment on it at E3 this year.

Whether port or new title, this is the news all Smash fans have been waiting for. Stay tuned for more announcements.

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