‘Jurassic World Alive’ Replaces Pokemon with Dinosaurs

In case you wanted a T-rex instead of a Pikachu

If catching Pokemon is starting to tire you out, or if you’re looking for monsters more fearsome, you may soon have an alternative. Jurassic World Alive, a dinosaur-catching ARG game, was recently announced by Universal Studios. The similarities are open to interpretation.

Pokemon GO certainly wasn’t the first of its kind. Developer Niantic Labs released Ingress years before, though the concept of augmented reality games is even older. However, it seems as if it wasn’t until Pokemon GO; with its massive, immediate success; that companies started jumping on the ARG bandwagon.

There is nothing to say Ludia and Universal’s creation will be entirely unoriginal. Though the system looks familiar, Jurassic World Alive would appear to have a few merits of its own.

For one, Jurassic World Alive has a player-versus-player battle system; a feature Pokemon GO has yet to implement. Though the image leaves something to be desired, the game is yet in development.

In the vein of its source movie, the Ludia title additionally allows for the creation of hybrid dinosaurs. Capturing dinosaurs also captures DNA, which levels up one’s research on a species and leads to further customization/hybridization options. The feature is clearly in lieu of Pokemon GO’s evolutions, but it could make for a unique shift in focus to PvP strategies.

There isn’t much shown for how dinosaurs are captured. A press release from Universal and Ludia stated that players will track their quarry via drone. What this likely means is that players may be able to circumnavigate the map without real-time movement (e.g. walking). As batteries are needed for the drone, however, walking may be necessary sometimes.

The map itself shares a lot of similarities with Pokemon GO. It is this and the concept that may remind one most keenly of Niantic’s original concept. But perhaps the torch is passing on, as newer ARG, location-based titles come to the table. I personally love Pokemon GO, but will it still be the foremost example after Jurassic World Alive or Niantic’s Harry Potter-themed title? No one knows, of course, but we can’t refer to new games as ‘the Pokemon GO of (insert group here)’ forever.

Jurassic World Alive is set to release this spring for Android and iOS. One can pre-register for the game here. More news will likely be soon to follow, perhaps alongside the franchise’s next movie and Jurassic World Evolution.

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