Nintendo Direct Announced for March 8

Almost two months out from their stealth dropped mini-Direct in January, Nintendo has announced a more typical styled Direct presentation for tomorrow, March 8.

The announcement was made early this morning on all official Nintendo regional social media accounts. It is stated that the presentation will be 30 minutes long this time around, and will begin at 5 PM ET. Most likely nothing but still worth noting is the fact that the Nintendo 3DS is mentioned before the Nintendo Switch in the description. 

As far as games go, this Direct offers a mostly blank slate for expectations. The only confirmed title to be present is Mario Tennis Aces, which is tentatively slated to launch this Spring. Other than this, some are anticipating more details on the content datamine from the recent Super Mario Odyssey update — or possibly the world’s first look at Fire Emblem on Switch. 

Previously, the Nintendo Direct-Mini that was broadcasted in January was 15 minutes while still giving loads of updates. With tomorrow’s slated for double the run-time, it is safe to say that plenty of content will be available this time as well.

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