Report: Diablo 3 is In Development for Nintendo Switch

After a cryptic indication and quick denial from Blizzard earlier in the week, Eurogamer is now reporting that Diablo 3 is indeed in development for the Nintendo Switch.

The sheer possibility of the dungeon crawler action title coming to the hybrid console was first spawned due to the official Blizzard tweet featured above. This quickly led many to assuming the port was an inevitability, only to quickly have the speculation shot down the following day by Blizzard themselves. The quick back and forth seemed to have confused fans, with today’s report out of the credible Eurogamer adding even more fuel to the fire. 

According to them, multiple “insider” sources have confirmed the project’s production. While no timetable has been given, it is known that Activision has pledged increased support for the massively popular system. Thus, a port of one of their most popular Blizzard titles, Diablo 3, would make sense. 

“We cannot confirm this rumour,” a Blizzard spokesperson told Eurogamer. “As of now, we do not have any current plans to announce Diablo for Switch.

“This tweet was meant to be a fun engagement piece. We do not have any plans to announce Diablo for Switch.”

Sources have not indicated whether or not the Reaper of Souls and Rise of the Necromancer expansions would be included with the port. However, if the project does exist, it is likely that fans would hear official confirmation sooner rather than later, as third party teasers typically do not occur too far out from launch. 

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