Hearthstone Cards I Will Miss (And Not) Next Season

Stuck in the middle with these Hearthstone cards

Recently, game director Ben Brode announced the upcoming Year of the Raven in Hearthstone. The new year brings many changes, including the introduction of new expansions and the rotation of older ones out. It is this ‘rotating out’ that I wanted to focus on, as I name a few Hearthstone cards I am going to love (and hate) to see go next season.

Jade Idol


Though the whole Jade package will be rotating out with Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, this card is certainly the most infamous of the group. It allows for infinite Jade Golems for Druid, as well as a means to stave off fatigue indefinitely. Paired with Fandral Staghelm, this card can be very frustrating indeed.

But what better card to start off a list of love-hate relationships than Jade Idol? Though I have faced many a game with this card as my undoing, I am going to miss what it represents. Namely, the Jade package itself. Jade Rogue was the first Rogue archetype I legitimately played on ladder, and it will always give me some nostalgia for that reason.

Thing from Below


I know what you’re thinking. ‘Thing from Below? Why not Flamewreathed Faceless?’ Well, I, for one, will not miss Flamewreathed Faceless. Though it isn’t played at the moment, the 4-mana 7/7 is largely busted.

Thing from Below, on the other hand, is a more balanced kind of problem. On one hand, it provides a nice reason to use a hero power that is usually only a last resort. It’s also a great defensive tool. But on the other hand, it can be quite frustrating for a Shaman to drop two of these in a turn for free and then later evolve them into something better. It represents a problem similar to Corridor Creeper, back when it was good.

Firelands Portal


As a Mage main, this loss is especially hard to reconcile. I love Firelands Portal. I play it in almost every single Mage deck. It is both hard removal and a summon, and it is fantastic for that reason. However, I am not oblivious to how broken this card is either.

I certainly love Firelands Portal more than I hate it, but like the Flamewreathed Faceless, its numbers are just way too good. And here’s something else I have never understood… Why is this card ‘Common’?

I am worried that my beloved Mage class will suffer greatly without Firelands Portal and Ice Block, but I suppose it is a risk that needs to be taken.

Kabal Talonpriest


Perhaps another surprise. For most, the Priest card in this case will be Potion of Madness. A good card, certainly, but not as frustrating as Kabal Talonpriest. Potion of Madness makes for a very frustrating early game, but Kabal Talonpriest will build into a worse late-game. This minion is an all-around great card and is used in many Priest decks simply for its utility as a three-drop. However, it also promotes one of my least favorite Priest archetypes.

One-Shot Priest (I don’t actually know the name of it) is definitely a problem for me. Though it can be easy to work around sometimes, for a Control/Tempo player, there is no worse feeling than being killed in one turn by a Priest who sat on all of their cards for ten.



We close this list of Hearthstone cards with maybe the hardest loss for me. Back when I had few legendary cards, this bad boy carried me to victory.

I love N’Zoth, but he is also very close to being hated. I have played N’Zoth a lot, but I also know how it feels to see an entire board renewed by this single card. This Old God is particularly problematic in Wild, but he’s also recently been a staple in some very tough Warlock decks. Cubelock and Demonlock are always fun to face, of course.

N’Zoth will certainly continue to be a problem in Wild, but it is probably about time he left Standard. Deathrattle minions will take a huge hit without him, but they have certainly had their time in the spotlight.

The rotation is always the hardest part of Hearthstone. The decks we have all become accustomed to fall apart, and players are left to scramble to adjust. In the wake of these cards, maybe a few of us will feel lost, as I did when Reno left us (I’m not bitter). But I am looking forward to what new Hearthstone cards we’ll have in the next expansion. Whatever it is. With luck, we’ll be given a few more cards I will hate (and love) to see go in a few more years.

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