Nintendo Labo Highlights Upcoming Kits in New Videos

New videos detail Nintendo Labo concept

Ever since its announcement, Nintendo Labo has been getting a lot of attention. The cardboard-based interface is a bold new concept from Nintendo, and even those without a Switch might be curious as to how it works.

Though it can’t provide the experience of playing, new videos have surfaced today to showcase the Labo products.

The video above is the first of three released, and it provides an overview of the concept itself. As this video explains it, Nintendo Labo is based around five key concepts: Make, Play, Discover, Invent and Customize.

With any Labo kit, one first makes the contraptions before being able to use them. In building them, a player will use several cardboard sheets for the structure, rubber bands and pieces of twine, as well as a few other provided odds-and-ends. Each kit also comes with the requisite software, which provides demos and each game’s framework via the Switch.

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After making the contraptions, one can then play with them. Though the cardboard concept might seem simple, one shouldn’t let it fool them. As the other videos will detail, there looks to be a lot of depth to each Labo game. For instance, the piano lets one create playable ‘sheet’ music and the motorcycle has some fairly advanced course creation. Each game appears to have some very detailed controls and to work well despite its seemingly simple concept.

But where Nintendo Labo really has a chance to shine is its capacity for creativity. The Toy-Con Garage feature, for example, assists players in the invention of their very own Toy-Con creations. By connecting input and output notes, a player can come up with both new ways to use old pieces and entirely unique interfaces. A change counter, air guitar and tank RC car are all examples of contraptions beyond those provided.


Nintendo Labo also lets the curious and the creative see how their contraptions work. An X-ray mode is available to show how pieces work on the Switch, and some even let players physically look inside. In addition to using this information to build new pieces, players can use it to customize their Toy-Con. As simple cardboard, Nintendo Labo contraptions are easy to paint, color and cover with stickers.

Beyond the overview video, videos were also released highlighting each of the kits. The Variety Kit and the Robot Kit are the two Nintendo Labo kits planned for release on April 20, 2018.

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