Settlers of Catan Publisher Closes its Doors

Mayfair Games acquired by Asmodee North America

Mayfair Games has a long and prolific history as publisher of popular board and card games. Though perhaps best known for the Settlers of Catan, Mayfair was a revolutionary company in its own right.

The past tense comes in as Mayfair Games has announced its dissolution.


After 36 long years, it appears to be time for the group to move on. Though a sad occasion, there is some hope in that its games are not lost.

Asmodee North America, part of the global Asmodee Group, has acquired all of the assets of Mayfair. This includes The Settlers of Catan, Bang!, the Lookout Spiele line and more. Though no longer helmed by the same team, it is a good sign that these series will live on.

Settlers of Catan will likely continue to be immensely popular. A 2014 article counted over 18 million copies sold worldwide, and the trend certainly hasn’t stopped since then. Millenials are thought to be driving a new renaissance for the board games genre as a whole.

Though we will miss Mayfair Games, we aren’t too worried about the future of its titles. The Asmodee Group is a similarly large card and board game company, particularly known for its work with Fantasy Flight Games.

All things considered, we are certain the legacy of Mayfair Games will live on, into the future.

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