Blanka Rolls Into the Street Fighter V Roster on February 20

Throughout 2018, CAPCOM is set to continue support for Street Fighter V and its Arcade Edition release with a wave of new characters, the second of which — Blanka — will be joining the roster in just eight days. 

The new release date and trailer for the electrifying monster from the Amazon was published earlier today to the official Street Fighter Twitter account. It is the first gameplay showcase of Blanka, demonstrating how his patented electric rollout moves have been updated for the latest generation. The video also shows off his two V-Trigger abilities, being Jungle Dynamo and Lightning Beast.

In addition, the trailer concludes with Blanka’s three alternate in-game costumes. These include his dorky looking Story costume, a more intensely styled Battle costume, and a Nostalgia costume that more closely resembles his yellow-ish tint from older Street Fighter installments. 

As stated, Blanka will join the roster on February 20. Following from him, the remaining characters for the Street Fighter V Season 3 Character Pass should be released throughout 2018. This includes familiar characters Cody and Sagat alongside newcomers Falke and G.

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