Kingdom Hearts III Trailers Showcase Monsters, Inc. and Utada Hikaru Song

Two new trailers show off Monsters, Inc. world and new Hikaru track

Today, one of the longest-running rumors about the upcoming Kingdom Hearts III was confirmed. A newly-released trailer reveals a Monsters, Inc. world, as was previously leaked. But this trailer isn’t the only one released today, as another showcases a new song by Utada Hikaru.

What we see in the first trailer of the Monsters, Inc. world is a lot like what we’ve seen already. But there are a few interesting details sure to catch one’s attention.

First of all, we do get a better look at Sora’s monster form. It appears to have multiple color pallets, as we see one with purple fur and another with orange fur. As… unique as Sora’s monster form may be, Donald’s is probably the best. He looks a little like a blue, duck-ified Mike Wazowski; something Boo notes in the trailer.

Second, we can see that the Monsters, Inc. world may have a unique means of getting around. In one scene, we see Sora riding the rails that convey the doors Sonic-style. It looks like an interesting mechanic and probably tells us something about the state of the Monsters, Inc. world.


Thirdly, we note that Sully still has to hide Boo. This, along with the doors and scream canisters, likely means that Sora visits the world before its movie’s resolution. How this fits in we can’t say exactly yet.

Of course, the Monsters, Inc. world isn’t the only news of this trailer. If one examines the clip more closely, one can find brief instances of Tangled’s characters, confirming that the world will make an appearance in KH3. Also confirmed is Ariel (at least as a summon) and we get to see a little more of the Toy Story world and the game’s plot. Sora appears to be suffering from some form of memory loss, and Ventus may also play a role.

The second trailer released today reveals a new song by Utada Hikaru. “Don’t Think Twice” is an entirely new release and is likely to be featured in Kingdom Hearts III. The song parallels the popular Simple and Clean by the same artist, which has long been the Kingdom Hearts song.

The trailer also showcases additional gameplay, with some never-before-seen footage at the end. The scene in question shows Mickey talking with someone who looks similar to Riku.

There is still no word on a specific release date for Kingdom Hearts III, but both trailers confirm that the game will release this year. The game will come to both Xbox One and PS4.

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