I Finally Got My Hands on the Super Mario Cereal

They’re after my mushroom marshmallows

Days turn into weeks and weeks into months. Of course, it doesn’t really matter to me how long it has been, because I finally have it. I finally have the Super Mario Cereal in my hands.


Crazy, cereal-commercial villain antics aside, I have been looking for this cereal for some time. I have been low-key obsessed with finding out what all the buzz was about, but it wasn’t until last night that I found a box on the shelf at my local Cub Foods.

But was it worth the wait?

My first impressions are that it is really, a very small box.


The only thing in the house I had for comparison was a family-size box of Cocoa Puffs. Obviously, the family-size box is going to be bigger. However, the discrepancy is especially noticeable, the Super Mario Cereal being maybe 60-percent of the size of a standard box.

Price is notable too. That small box of Super Mario Cereal costs $2.99 at Cub. The family-size box of Cocoa Puffs cost just under $4.00. Though one isn’t necessarily splurging by purchasing the Mario Cereal, it could be an expensive habit in the long run.

Of course, in buying the cereal, I wasn’t really buying it with the goal of feeding myself and my family of one. The fact that it’s edible is merely a bonus to its novelty status. It’s a fun, goofy way to interact with gaming culture, dumb cereal-box puzzles and all.


And actually, the cereal itself isn’t half-bad. “Knock-off Lucky Charms” was a term I heard thrown around a lot, but I would say the similarities end at appearances. I actually happen to like the Super Mario Cereal better than Lucky Charms, its mixed berry pieces strange, but in a good way. Though it is hard to find the logo anywhere on the box, the cereal is produced and distributed by Kellogg’s.

After my morning bowl of Mario Cereal, I elected to try out the box’s amiibo functionality. I am pleased to report that the box actually does work in Super Mario Odyssey, despite my initial doubts. Uncle amiibo even recognizes when you’ve used a box of cereal.


With the help of my “delicious amiibo”, I was able to add a new Power Moon to my collection.

All things considered, I found the Super Mario Cereal surprisingly enjoyable, and I hope it sticks around a while longer.

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