Sony Releases First Venom Teaser

The origins of the one of the greatest Spider-Man antiheroes

Avengers: Infinity War and Black Panther are certainly the biggest (and most recent) of upcoming Marvel films. But Sony’s Venom is getting a lot of attention as well. And today saw the release of that movie’s first teaser trailer.

There are a few things we can extrapolate from the trailer. Tom Hardy, as washed-up reporter Eddie Brock, is already struggling with some things when he comes upon an accident. This is (likely) where he encounters the Venom symbiote, which he becomes host to. The rest of the movie’s plot is (likely) him fleeing the scientists seeking to capture him (and the symbiote) and seeking to control his identity as Venom.

There is a spooky (and sick) moment at the end of the trailer that shows a jack o’ lantern-esque Venom face morph into the movie’s logo. With Tom Hardy’s voice overlaid (“…our own issues, our own… demons.”), it is clear that this movie focuses on the symbiote as the demon inside.

Second only to Deadpool, Venom is a rare Marvel movie in that it follows a character whose heroics are sometimes in question. The character is a little more similar to the Punisher, in fact, as he deals with criminals in a swift and harsh manner. Eddie Brock is known as “the Lethal Protector” for a reason.


This movie will likely have fans excited and hopeful for a bigger Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). However, we haven’t seen what should be the most exciting part yet—Eddie Brock wearing the Venom symbiote. Additionally, the movie’s own position in regards to the Spider-Man movies is in doubt. This movie is, after all, owned by Sony, and not Disney/Marvel.

However, these questions work out in the meantime, Venom will be releasing in theaters on October 5 of this year.

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