Rayquaza, Salamence and More Swoop into Pokemon GO

The biggest names of Gen III are here

Pokemon GO has now virtually completed its Hoenn Pokedex. Today, Niantic announced the arrival of several more Hoenn Pokemon, including Salamence, Metagross and Rayquaza.


It was only a few weeks ago that Aggron, Flygon and others were added to Pokemon GO. Though the height of winter, many desert-themed Pokemon were coming out to interact with trainers. It was a huge addition of Hoenn Pokemon, but their release left some restless and waiting for some of the generation’s biggest names.

That wait is now almost over, as the latest batch of Hoenn Pokemon are set to release tomorrow, February 9. This includes the evolutionary forms of Salamence, Altaria, Metagross, Pelipper and more. All of the released Pokemon (or some of their forms) can be seen in the picture above.

Salamence and Metagross are huge, but the biggest name of the release is easily Rayquaza. The Legendary Pokemon (star of Pokemon Emerald) will be appearing in Raid Battles starting tomorrow. This will run until March 16, through the disappearance of Kyogre on February 14.


Special deals in the shop further commemorate the new release. Starting tomorrow, new special boxes will be available in the in-game store until February 23. This boxes include items such as Raid Passes, Incubators and Star Pieces. Additionally, all Lure Modules will be increased to six hours, a feature lasting until this same date. All of these things should help trainers catch the new Hoenn Pokemon reliably well.

As we’ve seen with Groudon, Kyogre and now Rayquaza, special events tend to overlap. Come March 16, new things are likely to roll around for Pokemon GO. Whether this means the introduction of a new Generation or Pokemon GO Quests, we cannot say.

Best of luck catching the new Pokemon and stay tuned for more news about those Quests.

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