Fire Emblem Warriors Shadow Dragon DLC Pack to Release February 15

New scans for Fire Emblem Warriors have been released in Japan, offering up the first images, details, and release date for the Shadow Dragon DLC content hitting the title next week.

The first look was provided by the latest issue of Famitsu in Japan. Most notably, it gives Fire Emblem series fans their first look at in-game and portrait character models for Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon heroes Linde and Minerva — in addition to Navarre, who will be joining them as playable next week. Other details in regards to the DLC and a planned content update can be viewed below:


– Minerva, Navarre, and Linde playable in the new DLC

– New costumes: Groom Marth, Bride Caeda, Tiki w/ Colored Dress, Swordmaster Lyn

– Broken armor for Shadow Dragon cast + Lyn, Celica, Anna

– Caeda will get her exclusive weapon with the DLC pack (possibly Wing Spear)

– Also new weapon skills: switches STR with DEF, and MAG with RES; Raise damage against same gender char but lower damage against diff gender; reverse of above skill

– Shadow Dragon History maps: Devil Mountain (Navarre), Princess Minerva, Norda Market (Linde)

– New weapon skills available only in the DLC pack: Reverse Attack-Defense: Swaps STR with DEF, & MAG with RES; Same Gender Advantage: Raises damage against same gender chars but less damage against diff gender; Different Gender Advantage: Reverse of above skill

– Minerva’s skill: Iote’s Shield: Negates any damage effectiveness (ex: if attacked by Bow)

– Navarre: Solitary – Raises stats if not paired up

– Linde’s skill is not mentioned yet

– Update with the DLC raises level cap to 130, adds new blessings and weapon skills, and allows you to skip confirmations at Crest Market

– New blessings to be added on February 15 update patch

– Strength/Magic/Skill Blessing: Raise respective stats for all party members

– Bonds Blessing: Easier for party members to raise bonds

– Swift Attack Blessing: Raise damage dealt for short time after battle started

– New weapon skills available to all players with the patch: Finisher Focus: Easier to deplete Stun Gauge and Anti-Air Focus: Raises damage against juggled enemies

A big thank you is due to Twitter user @bk2128 for translating this information early this morning. As detailed, the Shadow Dragon DLC pack will introduce Broken Armor renders for all of the Shadow Dragon characters, as well as for the unlockable characters Lyn, Celica, and Anna as well. This time around, costumes for Marth, Caeda, Tiki, and Lyn will be included that mostly resemble wedding attire set to go along with the new history mode maps.

This content will be available in all regions next week. Following from this, one more Fire Emblem Warriors DLC pack is still planned for release this Spring — this time focused on characters from Fire Emblem Awakening.

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