Detective Pikachu Set Spotted in London

Movie likely to include a number of big locations

The filming of Detective Pikachu is apparently well underway. One person (@HowardBud) took to Twitter recently to post images of pieces of the film’s set, found in London.


Prominent among them is a sign that reads: “Police Department Ryme City.” Ryme City, of course, is one of the major locations of the Detective Pikachu story. Further proof is the symbol set therein, which displays humans and a Victini together. We aren’t sure what building this is, but the sign appears to have been left out in the open.

Also easily visible is what appears to be a billboard with ‘official’ police postings. The postings include mostly standard, placeholder images—things one might see in any police department. There include ‘graffiti is bad’ bulletins and a few old-school ‘wanted’ posters, featuring a Graveller, a Machoke and a very sinister-looking Pancham. But though most of these postings are atmosphere, one in particular stands out—a recruitment poster for the Ryme City Police Department.


Based on everything we’ve seen, we’re guessing that this is one of the movie’s first locales. Perhaps the poster is what initially brings in Detective Pikachu or his human, kid partner. Though why the police department lets a kid join in the first place is something we are still wondering about.

If one has played the Detective Pikachu game, one may already know something about the story of the movie. Detective Pikachu, voiced by Ryan Reynolds in the movie, teams up with a kid to solve Pokemon-related mysteries. We don’t know much yet about the movie’s story, but it is likely to follow something close to this original plot.

There isn’t any word on a release date yet either, but a Detective Pikachu amiibo was recently released. It is likely we will hear something more soon.

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