Pokemon GO Adds 23 New Hoenn Pokemon

List includes Aggron, Loudred and Torkoal

The Pokemon of Generation III are gradually finding their way into the world of Pokemon GO. Though the season yet belongs to Kyogre, Niantic recently added 23 new Gen III Pokemon, all hailing from desert regions.


Seen in the image are a few of the release’s more prominent Pokemon. Fan-favorites Flygon and Aggron are clear in the foreground, while Groudon and some Whismur look to be wandering off. Though the timing is a little strange with Groudon’s event having ended, we doubt trainers are too upset about getting new Hoenn Pokemon.

Although the image includes only several Pokemon, there are many more that have been added. Seen below is a list of all the newly-included Pokemon:

Thanks, LeekDuck. Please disregard the misspelling of “Armaldo.”

It is important to note that not all of these Pokemon will be available to everyone. As speculation goes at the moment, it would seem that Torkoal is a new region-specific Pokemon. Torkoal is thought to be limited to a region including India and Pakistan, something like Southeast Asia.

The latest Hoenn release comes only a few days after Pokemon GO’s first Community Day. The special event gave trainers bonuses like double XP and extended lures during its timeslot, as well as presenting the opportunity to catch a very special Pikachu. The next Community Day happens on Feb. 24 and features Dratini.

We are still waiting on a few more Hoenn Pokemon yet, but we are getting there. Namely, we have yet to see legendary Pokemon like Regirock and a few standard releases like Metagross and Salamence.

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