Kyogre Appears in Pokemon GO

As Groudon cycles out of Pokemon GO, the appearance of its opposite might be said to be expected. Beginning a week after the holiday event’s end, Kyogre has begun appearing in raid battles worldwide.


As fans might remember, the Water-type Legendary Pokemon first appeared in Pokemon Sapphire in 2002. The Hoenn-region Pokemon represents the power of the sea and is the rival of the Continent Pokemon, Groudon. In a move similar to Zangoose and Seviper, Kyogre is now replacing Groudon on the world stage.

The Legendary is an especially strong Water-type, with Attack being its best stat. Though it will be a tough opponent to take down, both Electric and Grass-types should be effective. Trainers will have about a month to work on capturing the Pokemon as well. Kyogre will be available at Gyms around the world until 1:00 p.m. PST on February 14, 2018.

With Kyogre’s event ending on Valentine’s Day, it may be that another event is planned for that holiday. However, as it is mostly a Western holiday, maybe not.

What can be expected is the appearance of Rayquaza, which is likely to make its debut in Pokemon GO shortly after Kyogre leaves. Such has been the pattern of Legendary Pokemon thus far in the game—we did not have that long to wait between Groudon’s release and the first appearance of Kyogre.

Pokemon GO has just about all of Gen III released now. We expect that the last of it will appear with Rayquaza—perhaps in the spring. In the meantime, aspiring trainers can work on catching the latest Legendary Pokemon.

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