Odyssey to Receive New Minigame Next Month

Free update also includes new costumes, snapshot filters

In yesterday’s Nintendo Direct, it was revealed that Super Mario Odyssey hasn’t seen all of its content just yet. Though it won’t add any Power Moons, a planned February update will add a few other interesting features.


The highlight of the update is a certainly its new minigame, Luigi’s Balloon World. Available after beating the game’s story, the minigame is a new venue for online competition between players.

The minigame is separated into two formats. In the “Hide It” mode, players will have 30 seconds to hide a balloon somewhere on the map. There seem to be no limits as to where, as long as one can reach it within 30 seconds. The second format is companion to the first; the “Find It” mode. In this mode, players will search out the balloons other players have hidden.

The rewards for the minigame would appear to be varying amounts of coins. The better one is at finding and/or hiding balloons, the more coins they will receive. Given that players will receive distance trackers in “Find It”, it may be quite hard to obtain some of the minigame’s highest rewards.


Other than the new minigame, the update will bring additions to existing features.

Of particular note are the new costumes being added, as seen below. Each seems tied to a specific kingdom, though we do not know yet if they will be purchased with kingdom-specific coins. The Knight outfit is an interesting case as its kingdom has no shop.


Finally, the February update adds two new snapshot filters to Odyssey. The first changes one’s photo into a neon outline and the second appears to turn one’s picture into a coin.

There are no specifics yet as to when in February the update will be released, but we will have it here when this information is released.

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